• “The startup team at h-i-p has stood by us throughout the financing round as an entrepreneurial and creative partner. H-i-p is the perfect partner for us (and for startups).”

    01 – Greenwell Energy GmbH
  • “Especially as the youngest entrepreneur in Austria, it is important for me to have an experienced partner like h-i-p by my side.”

    02 – FreebieBox GmbH
  • “From the inquiry to the foundation of the Ltd. in 4 days – individually tailored to us!”

    03 – BYTEQ
  • “Professional legal advice at eye level is the essence of Startup-h-i-p.”

    04 – FiberEins GmbH
  • “Thanks to h-i-p’s professional advice, the round of investors was very successful! We would like to thank you for the excellent cooperation”.

    05 – Carbon Recovery GmbH
  • “The h-i-p law firm has been with us since the company was founded, paying particular attention to ensuring that the interests of all parties involved are also considered in the contracts. This strengthens the team structure and allows us to concentrate on our core tasks.”

    06 – 1000things GmbH
  • “We successfully completed our seed financing round with h-i-p. We are grateful for the professional support during the very complex negotiations.”

    07 – FITAPP
  • “As a serious medium, we rely on serious legal advice and therefore count on the Startup-h-i-p legal team.”

    08 – Die Tagespresse Medienproduktion GmbH
  • “The Startup-h-i-p team knows the legal challenges we have to face as young entrepreneurs and prepares us for them in every phase of the company. We are excited to have found the right legal advisors in Startup-h-i-p!”

    09 – ARCC
  • “As a business angel, I read a lot of contracts. I particularly appreciate the fact that the Startup-h-i-p team expresses itself concisely and comprehensibly in all documents.”

    10 – Johannes Cech
  • “For us, Startup-h-i-p is not just a reliable legal advisor who stands by us with advice and action from the beginning and at all times. As a shareholder and cooperation partner of primeCROWD, the Startup-h-i-p team is an important companion, whose experience and network contribute significantly to our success.”

    11 – primeCROWD GmbH
  • “The fact that, thanks to Start-up-h-i-p, we can always calculate and keep an eye on the legal consultancy costs incurred is of great value to us as a young entrepreneur.”

    12 – CorpLife
  • “We appreciate Startup-h-i-p, for always keeping an eye on future developments of our company and already considering this in the contract drafting.”

    13 – Medbee
  • “During our last financing round it was very valuable for us that the Startup-h-i-p team always kept the overview even in complicated situations and led us safely to our goal!”

    14 – myveeta
  • “Just as we have made it our mission to increase the employee satisfaction of various companies, the satisfaction of their clients has top priority at h-i-p. We thank you for the competent and pleasant support through our investment process!”

    15 – TeamEcho GmbH


  • “The experienced h-i-p Startup team advised us competently from the very beginning, actively promoted the individual steps of the company foundation as well as solved unexpected challenges quickly and, above all, without complications. Many thanks for the always professional support!”

    16 – rotable technologies GmbH
  • “What we associate with the Startup-h-i-p team above all is competent advice on setting up a company and choosing the right IP strategy, fast and uncomplicated communication, and transparent and fair billing.”

    17 – reha buddy
  • “Höhne, In der Maur & Partner helped us to find a customized solution for the participation of our employees. With great attention to detail, all our wishes were implemented. The cooperation and communication was outstandingly friendly and super flexible, perfect for a startup!”

    18 – unverschwendet 
  • “With the help of h-i-p’s professional and friendly handling, we were able to establish our company quickly and without complications. The Startup team at h-i-p not only responded very well to our wishes, but also explained every step in the formation process in an understandable way.”

    19 – Kickscale
  • “The team provided us with very competent advice on all legal matters. They understand how young companies work and can therefore address all concerns very competently.”

    20 – QuickSpeech


  • “Multimedia “all-round” experiences are our passion and with h-i-p we have found our optimal partner for the legal “all-round”. The friendly, competent as well as flexible communication and advice from the very beginning have facilitated the foundation of our company especially in these challenging times.”

    21 – ASOR Labs
  • “h-i-p stood by us as a competent contact partner in the context of our company foundation. The professional expertise and the uncomplicated communication convinced us. Not only will we be happy to come back to h-i-p ourselves in future matters, but we will also recommend h-i-p to others.”

    22 – eiria GmbH